We are recruiting
Planning Assistant 1 person
Project Manager Assistant 0 person
Planning Specialist Assistant 1 person
Design Assistant 0 person
Planning Specialist 1 person
Designer 0 person
Administrator 0 person
Planner 1 person

Hakka Affairs Council assigned staff member / General affairs 0 person / 1month
Hakka Affairs Council assigned staff member / Senior assistant 0 person / 1month
Hakka Affairs Council assigned staff member / Professional assistant 0 person / 1month
Who we are
No matter in our lives or career, we like to encounter a diversity of new experiences.
We embrace an attitude of “creating a lifestyle that is different”.
We believe creative thinking is essential for encouraging and applying inspiration.
When organizing events, we maintain a high level of passion as we transform ideas into action.
In terms of communication, we anticipate being heard and allowing others to also be heard.
We accept challenging cases and the opportunities for innovation that they bring.
We expect that
Applicants are eager and quick to learn and understand the global language. Work experience is preferred. Male and female applicants are welcome.

Application method: Please post your resume on the 104 Job Bank Website or e-mail your resume to

Benefits offered by this company are in compliance with the Labor Standards Act, including:
• Labor insurance, National health insurance, Group insurance
• At least 7 (seven) vacation days (for those with at least one year of seniority).
• Two days off per week

In addition to offering the benefits stipulated in the Labor Standards Act, we provide:
• Education and training and subsidies for advanced studies while employed.
• A benefits committee which plans and implements various benefits and activities for staff members.