About Us

Rotation Management Consultant Ltd. team members and working partners come from different backgrounds. We observe and listen to every detail in every experience and fuse life esthetics to achieve the goal of customization. Moreover, we continuously refine our professional competencies to keep pace with changing trends and carefully oversee and manage every aspect of large-scale projects. Our rich and varied experience includes assisting city and county governments to promote Taiwan’s specialty industries and the reuse and preservation of historical buildings. Moreover, we are devoted to developing in-depth, sustainable tourism to Taiwan’s indigenous communities, as well as providing innovative, experimental platforms to connect to a diversity of markets. In these efforts, we work hand in hand with the media to enable the world to see Taiwan from different perspectives.

Strategic Integration Our thinking breaks through the ordinary and the conventional. Working at a steady, but efficient, pace, we are able to enter various fields and take on a diversity of projects. By applying our highly varied experience, we effectively integrate services and conduct comprehensive analyses.
Professionalism We have a wide range of experience, talents and professional competencies, from the creative and cultural industries to event planning and tourism promotion and from project management to participation promotion and investor recruitment. Our team members offer professional services based on their specialties.
Passion With a spirit of determination, we love new projects and new experiences. Moreover, we effectively put plans into action and maintain a high-level of passion in everything we do.
Infinite Creativity Making use of our sharp wit and active imagination, as well as our rich experience, we seek to break through conventional thinking to create infinite possibilities.